For more than 35 years, The President’s Award has been making sure that young people develop a lifestyle that gives them the valuable life skills required to pursue their ambitions . We aim to make this opportunity available to every single young person in Uganda.

Do The Award

The Award equips young people for life and work

The Award program focuses on molding and developing the young people between the targeted ages of 14-25 years. Established units such as the Schools, youth organisations and clubs may use the programme to supplement and strengthen their existing extra-curricular activities.

Not all learning happens in the classroom. Young people need experiences outside the classroom to become committed, responsible and fulfilled citizens of the world.

Participants are required to complete various activities over a set period of time in order to earn the Award. Upon completion, they are awarded a certificate and badge for the Level they have completed.

Award Sections

How many sections does the Award program have?


Encourages a sense of responsibility to the community. Residential project (Gold level) is intended to broaden their experience through living and working with new companions in unfamiliar settings.

Physical Recreation

Encourages improved performance and physical fitness. Participants take part in some form of organized physical recreation and show individual progress.


Encourages the spirit of adventure and discovery, and journeying in a group. This can be done on foot, bicycle, boat, canoe or horse back. NB: Personal effort and not motorized assistance should be involved. Proper training and preparation, self-sufficiency. Self-reliance and exploration of new surroundings are the key elements.


Encourages the development of personal interests, creativity or personal skills.
NB: Sustained effort and general improvement over a period of time, is required, rather than attainment of a specific standard.

Join the Award

How can one join?

  • Enrolment is voluntary and starts with issuing of a record book.
  • On joining, participants set their challenges within the four sections in consultation with the Award leader.
  • For each activity, they need an adult instructor to share their knowledge, supervise and guide them.
  • Assessment of an individual is done after minimum period by assessors/ instructors.
  • Assessment is based on individual improvement, commitment and effort in the activity, rather than on set external standards.
  • Participants qualify upon successful completion of the four sections.
  • The Award leader then arranges for the necessary authorization and presentation of the Awards.

27 Years of experience
benefits of participating

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Great sense of personal achievement.
  • Gain new skills and experience.
  • Make new friends.
  • Build an all-round character.
  • Get a certificate and a badge to mark their achievement.
  • Increase in the number of co-curriculum
  • Improved self-discipline and culture of hard work.
  • Enhanced social growth and character building.
  • Quality service by participants.
  • Skilled manpower
  • Cohesiveness and good morals.
  • Free service in their areas of need.
  • Reduction / elimination of crime.

  • Creation of employment opportunities through skill acquisition.
  • Better groomed youth / leaders.
  • Reduced crime rates.
  • Quality leisure time spending.
  • Responsible citizens.
  • An improvement of responsibility level of the populous.
  • A more focused youth.
Award leaders
  • Satisfaction of knowing that they have helped young people to develop and to contribute in a worthwhile way to the community.
  • Exposure.